A traffic source that advertisers trust. Millions of impressions of your ads in any GEO at an affordable price.

The main popular advertising formats are available for advertisers and webmasters in mpvPlayer: POP's, VAST/VPAID videos, In-Page push. For each format, we offer high-quality traffic from all countries of the world.


Intuitive operation

An interface where everything is laid out on the shelves. Clear tools for a super-fast start.

Point targeting

All parameters: geo, traffic type, device, OS, browser, keywords, user lifetime cycle. 10+ settings.

Bid regulation modes

Evaluation of competitors' bids (Smart Traffic Estimation). Traffic black and white lists.

Budget optimization

Changing the frequency of ad impressions. Limits on expenses and impressions.

Recent traffic data

Data on traffic volumes on the necessary geo, devices and OS. Recommendations on rates for the profitable purchase of traffic.

Control over all metrics

Reports on key metrics: impressions, CTR, clicks, conversions, expenses. API for integration.

ADS Formats

Web Push, In-Page, IOS Push

OnClick ADS (Popunder)

Video In-Stream (Pre-Roll)

Video Native Roll


Video Slider


Native ADS