Features web player & video streaming platform

Gain absolute control and manage your videos easily with our self-serve platform!

Thousands of internet project, webmasters, mobile developers and online companies are already using mpvplayer to video traffic, grow business and boost revenue.

Technological capabilities

Modern technologies

Support HTML5 Video & Audio, HLS, DASH, YouTube и Vimeo.

Necessary platforms

Support iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux и Smart TV.

Speed ​​and safety

Pure, native JavaScript and frameworks independence (jquery, etc.).


You completely control the created players and download from your domain.


We have thought through all the options so that you can configure the maximum adaptability on all platforms.

Select quality and audio tracks

Set up convenient switching if necessary. Adaptive mode is enabled for HLS and DASH.

User settings

Full customization

The most powerful visual designer (over 400 options) does not require programming skills.

Handy playlists

Ample opportunities for creating playlists with the desired design and folders for comfortable navigation.

Important options

Autostart on all platforms, remembering time, picture in picture, social networks and much more.


Subtitle support with a choice of languages ​​and custom design settings right in the player.


Powerful built-in statistics system. The ability to connect Google Analytics, Yandex Metric or Mediascope to collect the necessary statistics.

Ready-made templates

You can choose a ready-made skin from a large collection of ready-made video and audio templates.

Monetization options

VAST / VPAY / Overroll

You can connect the video ads of the most popular advertising video networks, regardless of the technological format for displaying ads.

Pre-roll / mid-roll / post-roll

You can configure the display of video ads before, after or in the middle of the video.

In-video banner

Customize text and image ads inside the video player.

Device targeting

Target mobile, tablet and desktop devices via operating systems.

GEO targeting

Serve ads for specific countries, states, cities or DMA regions.

Smart rotation

Configure the rotation of ad impressions based on the cost of impressions, ads video viewing, or make an exclusion list.

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