CDN platform

A global pay-as-you-go content delivery network. Easily and reliably scale your video and downloading content to reach global audiences of any size.

Using MPV Player as your origin and edge provides unparalleled clarity and visibility through the entire content workflow. The MPV Player ecosystem delivers contents, with no commitment and affordable delivery rates.

The MPV Player CDN Advantage

Worldwide Coverage

Reduce complexity of worldwide coverage with our CDN’s global footprint.

Optimized Delivery

Provide a local presence globally through our worldwide network, ensuring the best possible playback quality.

Dynamic Scaling

Scale on-demand, without advanced planning. Our platform has supported downloading and streaming to millions of concurrent users.

Professional Delivery

Reduced Latency

Support for reduced-latency workflows allows you to stream activities and events as they happen.

Premium Benefits

Access to catalogs of video content and templates for webmasters and designers from the


Analytics provide granular detail and clarity into use content statistics.

HTTP/S Streaming & Downloading

Support for HTTP and HTTPS live adaptive bitrate streaming and downloading content and allows you to deliver high-quality playback across a wide range of devices.

Our prices CDN

1 299

/ Month

CDN tariff

More 1.000.000 downloads / 5 000+ files for CDN platform
  • Feature Enterprise yes
  • Downloads €0,45 per 1000 downloads
  • Storage - 100Tb include next €3,75 per 1TB Hosting
  • Traffic - 500Tb include next €0,75 per 1TB Traffic
  • Bandwidth - 2000Mbps include next €200 per 1000Mbps
  • Self-Hosted yes
  • Platform Hosting yes
  • Access to content catalog yes
  • Advertising integration yes
  • Statistics expanded
  • HLS/Livestream support yes
  • Support service email, phone

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